On Day One...

  • Collect the completed CE form verify it contains only one appropriate course assignment and code. See course list.  (New CE form needed for each course a student takes)

  • Please verify parent/guardian signature on the CE form before enrolling in Apex.

  • Complete Adult School Registration form with the student.(Only needed once per year.)

  • Send Reg. form and the CE form directly to Foothills Adult School ℅ Patti Ashmun/Chuck Williams. Please double-check that the correct course name and ID are included.

  • Enroll the student in the appropriate Apex classroom and set the pacing guide for the student with the first due date one meeting after start date and last meeting ideally eight weeks from first due date but no more than 12 weeks. (Example: a student starting Oct. 1, 2013 should be able to complete their GOAL course by December 3, 2013 (accounting for Thanksgiving recess). If their overall effort and attendance warrant, you may extend as needed.

  • Track student attendance via method of your choice until the student appears in Teacher Web Attendance.

  • Notify Mike Johnson at the time of enrollment if a student has a documented need for open-book testing accommodation. (This is rare and should be communicated to you by Guidance. The student will need to be enrolled in a copy of the course with modified settings.)